Trying to find a ThermoWell for a Grainfather connect controller

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Aug 21, 2020
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I have a grainfather connect brain but since I don’t have the full grainfather rig I dangle the probe into my mash. The probe seems to be pretty large but I was wondering if anyone knows a link to a weldless thermo well that would actually fit the GFC probe. The replacement GFC temperature probe well thing is crazy expensive. Just trying to find a weldless thermowell for it.
Ok, what are you looking for and what do you have? Do you have a grain father conical fermenter or a grain father glycol chiller?
I have the grain father connect controller. For the all in on brew system. I put an element in a old kettle to use as a hot liquor tank. I have the grain father connect controller that powers it. I dangle the probe under the lid into the water but I would like to make it more legit with an actual thermo well. The grainfather thermo replacement is crazy expensive.
@Shermwormbrew Did you ever find a fitting thermowell replacement? I'm thinking about buying the controller so I could mod my existing, cheap brewing system but local sellers don't have those sensor covers in stock.
@Shermwormbrew @KirgerBung Did either of you get a solution please?

I too have a Grainfather connect controller I'm trying to retrofit to my Guten / Brew Devil all-in-one system.

Looking for either

A) a thermowell that will work with the GF temp probe
B) A replacement sensor, compatible with GF Connect, that can screw into the base of the Guten kettle replacing the existing temp sensor.

ever figure something out for this? I want to use an old grainfather controller to heat my HLT. The temp probe on it is a little weird because it’s short and fat and has the rubber wire part of it getting in the way from going deeper into a thermowell. So the grainfather product seems like the best fit of course, but the listings for it don’t even show it comes with hardware or a backing to tighten it down over a hole in my pot. Ever figure something out? I don’t like just dipping it down into the liquid, too janky.

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