Trying to come up with a recipe to showcase a unique ingredient (Murphy and Rude Crystal 260)

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Mar 9, 2024
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A local maltster in my state ( is producing a special-release malt that is supposed to be 260L crystal malt (pale chocolate malt territory). They describe it as follows:

Crystal 260
A limited release dark crystal malt with notes of graham cracker, charred marshmallow, and milk chocolate combining for a flavor profile reminiscent of s'mores. Fantastic for rich porters, bourbon barrel-aged or pastry stouts.
Grist: 5-15%

I'm curious to hear what people would do with something like this. Based on the description my mind went to a robust porter, but since the hot and humid VA summer is about to start, I was thinking a session beer would be nice. The dark mild recipe in Brewing Classic Styles uses pale chocolate malt, so my thought was to replace the pale chocolate and crystal 120 in that recipe with the Crystal 260, replace the english pale malt with vienna for extra graham cracker character (and because I have vienna on hand lol), and maybe swap some or all of the black patent for a debittered malt to compensate for the extra harsh zone malt. Thoughts?