Trying first batch after being bottled for a week

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Feb 21, 2012
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Is it or does anyone recommend trying a beer after one week in the bottle I know some ppl recommend it but just wondering if it's worth it.
I do. I don't think i've ever had a beer fully carb in 1 week but it definately helped me realize the importance of patientce in brewing and also lets me see how the beer changes with time. I still try my beers a little bit early now but i usually wait atleast 10 days at room temp then chill it for a day or 2 in the fridge.
I can only contain my excitement for a maximum of 7 days, so I would definately say go for it. The other 4.8 gallons wont mind
Thanks for the input but if only I had that other 4.8 haha I use the tiny mr beer setup
lol. if all I made was 2 bottles I still couldnt wait. Patience is a virtue that gets all used up in the first 3 weeks of the process. I just had my red ale after 7 days and it was great.
Depending on how excited I am about a particular batch, I'll often try one at about 10 days. It's usually not ready, or anywhere close at 7 days in my experience. Just don't panic when it isn't carbed to your expectations, and enjoy it anyway. At 7 days you think there should be at least some sings of carbonation, and often there isn't, and yet at 10 days it's clearly doing what was expected, just not there yet. I think opening at 7 days leads to a false panic and have set my minimum taste test to 10 days as a result :mug: