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Dec 21, 2007
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OK, I was hoping to find a homebrewer in my neighborhood who could try my beer and give me some feedback. I haven't found anyone yet.

So I have a spiced Christmas ale that I finished recently and I'd like someone (who is experienced at this sort of thing) to try a couple and give me some feedback.

I am interested in feedback here because it is a spiced beer and because it is my first partial mash.

I live in (Far) Western Maryland so I'd prefer someone in Maryland, Southern Pennsylvania, Eastern West Virginia, or so.

Any takers?
I would gladly take free beer, but alas, I am outside your perfered area by a few feet or so...:cross:
I could give a little on the area. Is shipping beer from MD to TX ok? Or is that too far?
brewt00l said:
I'm in SE PA...What kinda feedback are you looking for? General, off flavors, style?

I'd just like someone, who's brewed a lot and has a refined taste for beer, tell me what they think.

Also, this beer is a spiced ale. I tend not to like spiced beers but I usually brew one for the holiday. So I'd like to someone to tell me if this beer is good or if there is anything wrong (i.e. not perfect) with it.

SE PA is good. I would need to know how you guys ship/package beer too, because I've never done it.
I might be interested in a tasting gathering. If we could get a few locals, maybe we could have a beer tasting session. We could bring some score sheets, some homebrew, and see what happens.

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