"True" brand keg cooler

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Sep 1, 2006
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We recently acquired this old keg dispenser.It's the 69"3 keg model.It has 2 3" single tap towers.This sucker looks like it could hold 10 or 12 cornies.I want to drill out the existing towers to accomodate 2 faucets on each(at least).Does anyone have any tips or suggestios about how i do this.I haven't tore into it yet to see how to do it.I can't wait to fire this unit up.


Get the elbow shanks, measure what diameter hole you need and drill it. Since it's probably stainless, I would drill i pilot hole first.
Same model as mine, but mine is black, not wood-grain. I imagine that it's a bit older than mine.... wood-grain seemed to be in style in the '70s. If'n it gets cold, it's probably worth gettin', if not, and you aren't experienced in refrigeration repair, it may not be. I recently bought another kegerator to use out on the backyard patio, it was a small Bev-air BM23c, single keg kegerator. Had a leaking condenser coil. By the time i replaced the coil, capillary tube, liquid line dryer, front wheel casters, temperature control, I probably had more into it than it was worth. The compressor had been replaced previously with a R134 unit (originally the box was a R12 unit) so I just needed to charge it with the 134. If you have to pay someone to do it, the labor would make it definetly not worth it.

I'm thinking of replacing my towers on mine with 2 tap units, for a total of 4.