Truck tipped, take the beer?

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Would you loot?

  • Yep, broke and thirsty

  • Nope, got enough HB to last the winter.

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"Oh my gawwwwwwd
Benz S class, also taking
BM[W] 7 series, also taking
Alllll these people, taking beer."

Foreign accents are always funny.
Even though I have plenty of homebrew, I probably would have grabbed a couple cases.
More proof that this world is f'ed up. Anything that comes in a case of cans in not worth pulling over. :p
funny... the driver was mentioning all of the cars that had pulled over. Mercedes S class, BMW 7 people that could probably afford to buy all of the beer in that truck with pocket change. Just goes to show... the average thief is a criminal of opportunity. Lock you **** up folks!
If they hadn't been driving on the wrong side of the road they wouldn't have crashed...:D

I'm here all night folks...:rolleyes:
I saw that this morning too. I was going to post it but then forgot all about it. Damn work...
I voted no, not because of homebrew, and not because I am the most honest person in the world, but I would be too lazy to get out of my car in the middle of traffic. Especially for Carlsberg.
Regardless of whether I had enough homebrew to last me though a nuclear winter, I wouldn't steal it. If I was a brewer and was shipping my beer in a truck and it tipped over, would I want other people to take my beer? Nope. So I wouldn't take theirs. I walk by plenty of things every day that I could easily steal and not get caught. Do I steal them? No.

Ethics FTW.
BlindLemonLars said:
Absolutely not, I'm not a thief. That isn't MY beer laying there, why would I take it?

I agree. Just because it fell on the ground doesn't mean its free for the taking. WTF!?
I have ethics too, but they're flexible. :D

If a truckload of Utopias spilled, I may grab a bottle. Otherwise I'd pass.
No way. If my truck of beer crashed, I'd be laying down the law for any idiots who thought it was theirs for the taking.

Or, that's what I'd do if I had a truck full of beer. I should get me one of those!
Maybe they weren't stealing it. Maybe they were protecting it. I mean, it sounds like the guy filming ran over a few cans. That's what's messed up.
BlindLemonLars said:
To quote Groucho Marx, "Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others." :D

If an armored car tipped and spilled $100 bills all over the road, then I might be tempted to grab me some.
The only "if" I will throw out there is.... IF the truck had been removed, and the road cleaned up, but there were still a bunch of full, unbroken bottles or cans lying down in the ditch, seemingly abandoned, THEN AND ONLY THEN, I would volunteer to pick up the straggling beers and give them a new home. BUT we're talking after several hours, potentially even the next day, at the point at which these items are no longer "property" per se so much as they are a "nuisance" and, well frankly, litter.

Any other circumstances - nah. Regardless of what beer it is. Why put myself in danger just to steal? Doesn't make sense.

By the way. 999 posts. Just gotta make it till 5, then to the pub, then to my poker game, THEN you all get your treat.
BierMuncher said:
Voted no.

Most likely, that beer would get dumped by the distributor.

We don't know the whole story.

An equally plausable theory, in line with BM's, is that the moment the crash happened that all of the load was damaged goods. The amount of beer on the truck should have been a known quantity. The driver might have been instructed to clean up the scene and get out.

For all we know the distributor's main goal might be to avoid fines for littering and obstructng traffic. The driver may instructed others to take what they wanted.
Beerthoven said:
If an armored car tipped and spilled $100 bills all over the road, then I might be tempted to grab me some.

I would be, too. Quite a bit, I imagine. In fact, I bet I pick some up. Then, I hope I have the strength of character I like to think I have to give them back right then, as I was only picking them up to do so.

Theft is theft. If you steal, you are a thief. I don't care if it's good beer, crappy beer, or a bag of marbles. It certainly makes no difference if other folks are stealing at the same time, either. Theft is theft. If you steal, you are a thief.

Yuri_Rage said:
In the case of Carlsberg, I completely agree...but check out Oskar Blues. It's craft beer in a can...and good, too!

Never seen that stuff before, but no one likes to distribute to MN for some reason. The only canned craft brew that I've had that was decent is Surly.
DeathBrewer said:
i was thinking that too. what if they were told "come and get it!"

the driver's video is all we have

My thoughts exactly. In fact, I doubt it was theft in this case. Maybe I'm an optimist but I don't think that many people would simply ignore a dead or injured driver to take beer or threaten/igore a driver offering any resistance to them taking it. People would lute cash or electronics in this manner, but not beer.
I agree, theft is theft.

But, did anyone mention it was Carlsberg!:D

If that were the only kind of beer left on the planet, I wouldn't drink it,...for a while;)