krausen through airlock

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Jun 25, 2007
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smAlbany, NY
Anyone had the krausen come into the airlock? I've never had the problem and was wondering if this was a huge deal? It doesn't seem to me that it should be a problem. Everything is sanitized and the solution inside the airlock is sanitizing solution. I just pulled the airlock and put the airlock cap over the bung.
Pretty common. Time to rig a blowoff tube. This would be krausen, not trub if I am thinking of the correct "junk". Especially common with good and violent fermentation, as with hefe's. Should be fine as long as all was sanitized.
Trub? Sure it's not krausen? That happen sometime. It's happen to me a few times without any problems. That being said, make sure you take the airlock off and either put a blowoff tube on the fermentator or clean and resanitize the airlock and sitck it back on. A clogged airlock can cuase a build up of pressure and a nice new coat of wort colled pain on your ceiling!

Sounds like your yeast are phaving a good time though.


-I'm smelling a lot of IF comming offa this plan-
What you are experiencing is known as a blow-off. This is why a blow-off tube is nice. A few options here. Get a large diameter hose that fits in the neck of the carboy and run into a bucket of sanitizer. Use a three-piece airlock and attach a hose to the center post and run it into a bucket of sanitizer. If you are using a carboy, you can get one of those orange carboy caps and attach a blow-off tube to one outlet and keep the other one blocked.

If none of these are ready options, then you'll have to deal with it as is. Expect a mess. The outflow from the blow-off will keep all of the bad stuff from getting in.
Yah. I realized after I typed it that it was Krausen so I just added a little bit rather than remove the word "trub". I don't like to hide my mistakes. Its a belgian triple trappist from Northern Brewer...and that sucker is practically boiling. No blowoff tube soooo, I guess I will put a towel under it.
and....when I brewed it there really wasn't anything clogging the filter in the funnel (usually I have to force it through with a stainless spoon. It smells like bananas. Is it supposed to?
David_42 posted this photo a while ago, and I remembered right away when you asked! It's not my picture, it's from his gallery, but I hope he doesn't mind it being reposted here.


Bananas? I assume the temperature of the fermenter is over 72 degrees?
Of course I'll , but skip to 5 minutes 13 seconds and you'll see my airlock just blowing off the hook... Get yourself a piece of tubing and switch it out until that fermentation stops... sterilize your airlock and put it back when the kraussen subsides...

Blowoff is great, because everything is exiting the carboy so not a lot of infection can get in.
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