Tropical Red Ale recipe critique

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Aug 7, 2020
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hiya guys,
I'm really new to brewing i have graduated making beers with the can kits through to using the can kits and adding hops and now im going to do my first using specialty grains and malt extracts... i really like the tropical fruity flavours of certain beers and want to make a tropical red ale, here is recipe i found off google and thought i would run it past you guys to see what you thought and any adjustments i can make

1.7kg (3.7 lb) of liquid malt extract light
1.0kg (2.2 lb) of dry malt extract light
0.450kg (1 lb) of crystal 40 @ 70L
0.225KG (1/2 lb)of caramunich II @ 120L
0.113KG (1/4 lb) of carapils @ 5L

hops bill
14g (.5 oz) centennial 10 a/a 30min boil
14g (.5oz) amarillo 6.6 a/a 15min boil
28g (1oz) centennial 4 day dry hop
28g (1oz)amarillo 4 day dry hop

1 pkt of Safale s04 or us-05 i havent decided yet what are your guys thoughts?

O/G 1.056
ABV 5.5%
Bitterness 18 IBU
colour 11.7 SRM

I planned on steeping the grains for 60 min at 150F ( forgive me is thats wrong as i am so very new so insert eye rolly emoji here).... what do you guys think of a 24hr cold steep? i'm not really into bitter beers hence the low IBU however homebrewing is all about experimenting until you find the perfect recipe right

Do you think i should add more hops? what other hops will give me an awesome tropical flavor?
Will i get a nice red hue with the grains ive chosen?