Trip to CA. Suggestions?

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Jan 21, 2007
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Pittsburgh, PA
I've got a short trip to CA coming up next month. First a couple days to visit family in Davis, then off to Stanford for a conference.

I'm planning on heading to either Russian River or Lagunitas for a tour/sampling, but probably not both. I'm leaning towards Russian River since I can't get their beers out here in PA.

I'm also looking for a good beer bar/brewpub near the university in Stanford. Suggestions?

If you are going to be around SF you can check out the 21st Amendment... just make sure you hide all your GPS/laptop goodies... we got our car broken into there. Kind of a drive, but I really enjoyed their beer.

I highly recommend trying their Double Trouble Imperial I.P.A.

Oh... if you are in SF you HAVE to get garlic fries!
Sounds like a great place, but I'd prefer something walking distance to the hotel in Stanford :)
Will you have a car? Stanford is a desert in the craft beer ocean. The only brewpub is Gordon Biersch. Old Pro is for trendies. Your best bet might be to go to Whole Foods on Emerson St. and stock up. It's a shame the BART isn't down that far.
Dude, you don't have to go far! Sudwerks in Davis is pretty good, Rubicon in Sacramento is pretty good too. I've not been in either place in a few years, but I do hear of them often around these parts. Good stuff.
There are those Yard House's all around Cali...they have like 120-240+ beers on tap or something crazy like that
I think the WineO's keep good beer out of the local area. Tied House in San Jose isn't much better than GB. Sad to be so close to great beer & not get any.
Definitely check out Sudwerk in Davis...I've always heard great things.

I've heard that the Lagunitas tour/experience is better than Russian River, but I have not done either.

As far as interesting beers, Russian River wins hands down...their pub is in a cool location, but the food mostly sucks (get pizza ONLY). However, the beers...Pliny, Damnation, the Brett beers...really good and unusual stuff.

I don't know of any brewpubs in Palo Alto, but I have to believe there are some bars that serve primo beer. I just don't know where they are.

MoreBeer now has an outlet on San Antonio Expressway, about two miles south of could give them a call to get the scoop.

I gotta say...if you're coming through Marin, and driving through SF to get to Palo yourself a favor and make a stop or two in SF.

Brewery-wise you could do Anchor Steam (gotta reserve ahead of time for a tour), or Speakeasy (killer West Coast-style beers).

Bar-wise, gotta do Toronado. Just Google and check out their beer list. Or, 21st Amendment if you want food, too.

City Beer Store if you need to stock up for your hotel room...go ahead, Google it...I dare ya!

Or, if you just wanna chill with a beer and have a bite to eat, overlooking the ocean, stop at Beach Chalet at Ocean Beach...a very short detour off of 101 South.

Have fun!