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Jun 11, 2007
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Freehold, NJ
So back in early April I took the plunge and bought a couple hop rhizomes from Freshops and figured it would be bring a new dimension to my homebrewing. I warned the wife about the trellis I would have to build and the size it would have to be with nothing more than a grumble in return. I have four varieties coming up - Nugget, Cascade, Mt. Hood and Willamette - spaced about 5' apart and each has a couple of bines coming up about 12" in length. Of course, now that I am beginning to put up the trellis I am getting a load of grief about the look, size, etc. To make a long story short my question is what happens if I keep the trellis at about 8'. I've read that the plants will get bushy and shoot out horizontally if kept short. I even saw something in the hop growers guide Freshops gives you where they say anything over 6' is ok. I was considering just going to Home Depot and buying a couple of the 8' fan trellises - one for each plant - to give it that decorative look and keep everyone happy. Another thought was I was going to bastardize the hops-in-a-pot idea and stick a couple of stakes in the ground with the eyehooks so I can drop the bines as they grow. Will this reduce my yield? Will it hurt the plant? Thanks in advance for any advice.
I am doing the hops in a pot with adjustable trellis this year as well as in the ground.. We will see how it works out for me. Good Luck!
I'm talking without knowing so take it with a grain of salt... I have seen many pictures of those that have their bines grow up a 4ft fence post and then train it to run horizontally. You could train the bine to follow a zig-zag pattern up the fan trellis you mention. The bine coulg end up being 10 or 12 ft. long. I just think you will have to be vigilant once they really start growing. Forget them for a week and they might shoot straight to the top.

I have also seen one person who had a stake about 8 ft. tall with a rope hanging down from a pulley. As the bine grew he whould let out more rope and gently coil the bine on the ground at the bottom. I would be afraid of fungus and insects but apparently it was working for him.
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I grow hops on trellises made from 4' x 16' welded wire fence panels. The panels are suspended on steel "T" posts. The top of the trellis is about 7' above ground. I grow 4 crowns of a single variety on each panel. You could grow more than one variety on the panels, but keeping them separated for harvest is difficult. The yield may be less than I would get with a 20' vertical trellis, but I get more hops than I can use and I don't have to climb a ladder at harvest time.

My neighbor and I also have some hop plants growing on chain link and welded wire fences. Hops will grow almost anywhere on almost anything. Anything that you devise for a trellis will work.
CarlLBC, I built my trellis like yours and wanted to know how when the bines grew with the horizontal lines vs a vertical from a stake? How did you train them?

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