Trellis back bone question

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What did you mean by "backbone"? If you are tzlking about the rope to which the vine attaches the vinyl will stop the vine from attaching itself to the rope which it needs to do in order to continue growing tall. I bought my rope at home depot and it was the cheapest they had. You need some thing that the micro "hairs" of the vine will literaly sink into and stay attached. Wind is not your friend in this case... just my experience.
For lack of something better, I have a pretty large tree branch that hangs over my brew shed, I toss a shot line over it in the "v" that I want and pull a hemp line back over it, three lines go up for a total of six lines anchored to six pots.
At some point I will put up a couple tall pipes (1.25" or 1.5") or 4x4's, with some type of set up I can lower down.
Ok, forgive my crude drawing in paint. What I'm looking for advice on is what size of backbone rope wire (red) I should be using for roughly 14 hop plants?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Your vinyl clad cable will work for that.

1/8 is kinda small, and MIGHT sag on you a little bit, just don't get crazy and put lots of tension on it with your winch.

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