Treasure trove of yeast information on Wyeast's web site

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Silicon Dragon
Dec 2, 2018
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Interested in a bunch of articles related to brewer yeast? Pitch rates, harvesting...all kinds of great stuff!

I was simply following up with a question I had regarding yeast starters and the search results were astounding. I just spent the last hour doubling my knowledge about yeast and have a whole new list of tips to help my budding brewing obsession. :)

PS In reading the many Wyeast articles, I found answers to all kinds of questions I've had when reading elsewhere. Maybe this'll help y'all as well!
That's indeed a good resource, and handily available, sure. Thank you for the reminder and link!

There's even more about this fabulous organism in 'Yeast' by Chris White and Jamil Zainasheff.
Y'know, I've seen several people mention that book now, so I'll probably end up getting that one soon. Thx for the reminder on that, too. :)