trapist tripple vs barleywine...

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Feb 2, 2008
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I just had my brother-in-law buy me a westmalle triple and a souther tier backburner barleywine... both in th 10 abv range (9.5 and 10 respectively)
both 22 oz's (ish)

The trapist has some character that i did not think a highly acclaimed beer (other than a bel) would have..

Often we are so concerned with clarity.. trapist arent.. hehe
it's bottle conditioned and simply a great smooth trapist ale. With some serious
abv hiding skills the monks have turned me over to the dark side of beer. I would certainly buy this and reccomend this fine beer.

I'm not a beer reviewer but I will say that it has ample hops, serious complexity and a warming afterburn ("cool" bannana mixed with fusil insanity... that will destroy your typing skills..
and I'm an IT guy.. hehe

I must sau that the barleywine has won my hear over.. OMG it's like an IPA on steroids. I have decided that i MUST brew a batch.. even if it takes a year. I'll be doing one.. southern tires hop agenda is listed on the 22 ox bomber and it's as impressive as any dipa ... I simply MUST aquire more of this beverage..
over and out.