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Oct 27, 2007
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I went to Lowes and bought some tubing......I boiled it for santiation and it turnd it ok to use?
It's probably the same stuff... but I tend to only buy tubing from my LHBS "just in case". And there is no need to boil your tubing if you're using a no rinse sanitizer such as Iodophor or Star San.

I would toss it and pick up some more just to be safe.
If you want to boil your tubing to sanitize it, get some high-temp thermoplastic tubing, or better yet, silicone. Regular vinyl tubing is NOT okay at 212F - I have no idea whether it's okay once you've cooled it back down, but I would not risk it since it's dirt cheap anyway.
boiling is a sucky way to sanitize equipment. as stated, get a good no rinse sanitizer.

or if all else fails, use bleach and be sure to rinse thoroughly.

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