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Apr 3, 2021
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Hi everyone,

I am making my own beer tower. I'm using 3" copper pipe. My bar is 42" high. I would like to know a decent/recommended height from the drip tray to the bottom of the faucet. I'm considering 2 things. My bar isn't small but not huge either. It's shaped like a L. Long side 7' short side 4'. I don't want a short tower to look awkward with the size of the bar. I also want to be able to fill all types of beer glasses with enough clearance between the glass and faucet. Can you please chime in on some recommended heights? I made a mock up out of carboard tubing with the bottom of the faucet at 9".
I feel that is kind of short..... what has worked for you or what would you do different? I really don't plan on filling growlers at this time but who knows what the future brings..
Thank you for your time!


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May 31, 2011
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Stow, MA
My forward-seal faucet (Perlick 525) spouts are 10-1/2" above the drip tray - and I'm pretty sure I had read that was a recommended height. But tbh as one does not "air drop" beer but rather "slides" it into the glass, the only thing that really counts is if you can actually stand a full glass up without it clinking on the spouts. ie: I'd rather be "too high" than "too low".

fwiw, I have no problem filling 64 and 128 ounce glass growlers nor the fancy 64 ounce UKeg one of my sons gifted me (love the thing :)) as I use a chilled plug-in tube that's long enough to reach the bottom of those vessels to minimize foam...


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