Torpedo slimline kegs

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Feb 23, 2022
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I'm putting a keezer together and was wondering if anyone used these. At 8 3/8 diameter I might be able to squeeze 2 of those together on the hump of my freezer. The inside is big enough at exactly 17 in but there is a lip that takes up almost a half inch of that where the lid meets the body. Two kegs together would be 16 3/4 in. I could easily 'make it fit' but I don't want to damage the freezer since that seems to be taboo. Then there is the concern I have of trying to attach lines to them so close together. Since these kegs are taller, I would need to also use 2x8's to give enough vertical space. With all of this in mind it would be helpful to hear from someone who has experience with this type of keg before I buy lumber.