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California Torpedo kegs 1.5 gallon size

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Dec 17, 2014
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have three of the small torpedo kegs i am going to part with, excellent condition, maybe a year old, tops. i believe these are the slimline edition so bit narrower and taller vs wide and short.

asking $65each. located in SF, mission district.

SHIPPING- i would MUCH prefer to sell these locally. if you want to do the calculations to see about shipping, the stats on the size/weight are available from morebeer or any of the other vendors now selling torpedo kegs. location is 94110. and i would add a pound for the cardboard boxing to whatever weight they show online.
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I'm interested, but they are $80new from morebeer with free shipping. It will cost me more than the difference in fuel, tax and toll from Sacramento.
as you both are in california, dont forget to kick down to sacramento. puts you at about 87 with tax. we ship around norcal for typically 6-8 bucks for this kind of stuff. i didnt check ups/fedex etc but thats for similar weight/distance.

and not to mention that if you want it shipped then there's no way to include a nice cold beer for ya.
sort of. i managed to reorganize and so i have some extra space. this last one isnt in the way anymore so im not really in a hurry or trying to get it out the door. actually using it to spund/carb a bit of a brown lager at present.
Ha, well if you decide you want to sell it let me know. I could be interested.
i should point out that now shipping is off the table. if somebody wants to come by and grab it that's one thing, but as its no longer in the way im not gonna make the effort to pack it up and ship it.

not sure where you're at, just wondered if 715 is area code.