Top ten reasons to buy me booze

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Aug 23, 2007
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Well it must be really important to him, he sacrificed an entire wing of his home to construct the sign.
I was walking into a pub in San Francisco one night and a dude walks up to me and says "You look like a man who appreciates honesty! Can you give me a few bucks so I can get drunk?" Being half tanked myself, I thought "Why not and gave the poor bastard $10. I went into the pub and about 5 minutes later, I see him walking past teh front widows, eating a McDonalds cheeseburger. I was going to go out and give him a hard time about lying to me, but didn't want to get stabbed and was enjoying my beer.

2 Nights later, same pub, same guy, walks up to me and gives me the same EXACT Line! I said "Sorry mate, but you lied to me last time, you spent my money on FOOD! He apologised and said that if he asks for money for food, everyone assumes he's lying and will spend it on drugs or booze, and they never give him any money.

I gave him another $10 for dinner and told him to stop back in the pub after he ate and I would buy him a couple beers. He never showed up...

Go figure