Top Five Brew Setups!

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There's a fine line between jealousy and inspiration and it's typically based on what I can afford.
If you're new to HomeBrewTalk, or maybe you just never looked up, we have a section dedicated entirely to brew setups.

You're not a dog. You can look up.

Many, many members have shared their builds, and we want to see yours too, but if you're still building, looking for ideas, or just like to look at really awesome brew gear check out these five most viewed projects this week.

This beautiful rig was shared by Stagbrew. It's a single tier stand self built, with castor wheels, 3 jet burners, 15 gal tanks, Boil kettle, Mash Tun with 2 temp gauges & false bottom and H manifold for wort return and sparge, HLT with 50 foot copper tubing for the HERMS and Site glass,2 March pumps, Wort Chiller Therminator with temp gauge.

Green with envy yet? If not this brew rig luvhopps should do the trick. Known as The Dude, this is his hopped up version of a Brutus clone.20 Gallon capacity, 2 Love temperature controllers, 2 Chugger pumps, A Duda plate chiller, and an attachable Auto Grant.

From our member Reaver comes this gravity fed modified 3 tier system, with a Spike Brewing 15gal, 2 port Boil Kettle, Keggle with Morebeer SS Diptube, Valve and Blichmann Brewmometer on a Bayou Classic burner, and a 10Gal Round Cooler with Morebeer SS False bottom and Homebuilt bulkhead complete with Spinning Sparge Arm.

From Dcarter we have his one barrel electric setup."This is a 30 gallon all electric system. It was designed to be cleaned in place with no heavy lifting required. The HLT is on the left, followed by the mash tun and boil kettle on the right. It's a HERMS built on 1/2 inch copper piping which is served by two chugger pumps. The pump on the left is the water pump and the one on the right is the wort pump. I can make up to 30 gallon batches but I usually make 25.".
Last up we have this rig/reminder from danpemby that summer is coming!

Of course it's awesome to look at other systems, but we want to see your too. Follow this link now to show the community what you've been up!
Would love to see a filter by brew size! Being in a limited space, for the time being I'll never go above 5G setup, would love to see some really pimped out 5Gallon setups!
Sick set-ups! Who's the guy with the ridiculous basement electric brewery? Beautiful basement bar with a window into the brewery. Been looking for the thread but I haven't been able to find it.
Very cool to see what people dream up... However you missed this one.. ;-) https://www.homebrewtalk.com/showthread.php?t=439692
Wow... glad to be part of this list! That's even the old picture. I have since Evolved into the Single Tier setup using the same equipment. I think my design will be VERY useful for people wanting to build a setup, but knowing they will have to grow in stages.
I love seeing what others have put together. Many of you have provided inspiration which lead to the contraption under the cover...