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HomeBrewTalk may be known as one of the largest resources for all things beer, but did you know we're about all things fermented and brewed? Aside from beer we have sections on mead, cider, soda, smoked meats, cheeses, and of course, wine!
Many of us are well versed brewers. Aside from our beer we have tried a number of other methods of making homemade libations. If you've never made a wine I highly suggest you consider doing so. Even if you're not personally a fan of wine being able to introduce your friends and family to homebrewing through something they love can be the difference between brewing with friends, or a brew day spent alone. I don't know about you guys but I always appreciate the company!
Here's the top 10 wine recipes from HomeBrewTalk for you to consider.

10. Blackberry Wine - Yooper

9. Drunken Emu's Mississippi River Water (Hard Tea) - nukinfuts29

8. Crabapple Wine - Yooper

Chokeberry on the left, Crabapple on the right.
7. Wild chokecherry wine - Yooper

6. Dandelion Wine - Yooper

5. Mango Pulp Wine - NerdyMarie
(No Photo)
4. General Concentrate Wine - brazedowl

3. Rhubarb Wine - Yooper

2. Extra Hard Lemonade - brazedowl

1. Banana Wine - Yooper
As always there's one name that pops up more than any others. Lorena "Yooper" Evans is a powerhouse of modern brewing. With countless wines,beers. soaps, etc., she is one of the brewers making HomeBrewTalk the definitive resource it it. If you make any of these wines please be sure to post to the recipe thread with photos and your experience in winemaking.
Oh, and be sure to thank Yooper.

@beernutz drink it, silly!
It looks like a lot- and it is, but we have a pretty large cellar and some good wines age for a long time quite well. I don't drink all that much wine, but my husband (shown in the photo at the top, much to his chagrin) drinks wine with every meal. Well, not every meal like breakfast, but most meals and always with dinner. He just enjoys wine with meals so much, and his "everyday" wines are my homemade wines.
Yooper....I must say that I have followed three of your recipes (welches, dead guy, and lemonade) with fantastic results, and I thank you very much for your time and effort put into helping those of us with less experience. Also to the other contributors to this list....I'm sure I'll have the chance to try your recipes as well.
Isn't she the best? I think we all need more Yooper in our lives. Plus, she's really good luck when you're fishing and a heck of a lot of fun to drink some homebrew with. Yaayyy Yooper!
Thanks for all the nice words!
@Sudbuddy- it was fun watching the sea lion with you, even though the fishing was a washout.
im making pear/apple wine. i followed a recipie i saw on youtube, when i added the yeast it didnt start to bubble or a couple days, and when it did its very little, so i added another packet of yeast and a couple more camnden tablets and its been a couple more days and s still the same. what shouild i do? it has only cleared up a little as far as the liquid goes. also can it be staind again? please help