Took first hydro reading of first batch...

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Mar 1, 2009
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San Diego
Question: How exactly do you read it? I dropped the hydrometer in the wine thief, it floated at 1.020, then dropped to 1.012-1.014 after I let it sit for a few seconds...It sticks to the side, so I don't know exactly how/where to read it.

On a side note: My nut brown ale tastes like real beer! Woohoo! Albeit flat, and a tad bit strong :mug:
I am guessing the hydrometer might be a little fat for your theif but what I do to help is spin the hydrometer as I drop it in and read it while spinning, keeps it off the side and tends to give a good reading.
Sometimes my hydrometer sticks to the sides of my thief too so I try to tilt the thief back and forth until I can get the hydrometer to balance in the middle long enough to take a reading.
The hydrometer actually came with a tube to test it in, but I just saw the picture for the instructions of the theif, and they had the hydrometer in I figured, why not lol. Anyways, I think I'll put it in the test tube next time..
1.012-1.014 isn't an out of whack final gravity for a heavier beer, so you're probably not too far off. Congrats on the first batch. Here's to many, many more.