Too much sugar!

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Jan 10, 2008
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Hi everyone, I'm very new to home brewing, and have just made a rather monumental error on my first batch. I bought a Woodfordes Wherry kit to give it a go, I followed the instructions and put the beer upstairs at the right temperature in the fermenting barrel. After about 30 hours I had a look at the brew, but it was doing nothing. I then looked at the instruction sheet from my fermenting barrel kit! error...... It said I should add 1kg of sugar. Whoops I thought, and added my sugar, I couldn't believe that I had missed it from the original instructions.
The beer started to get a good foamy head on it over the next 24 hours. Then I looked at the proper instructions...... "This beer does not require sugar to be added".
Have I just made 40 pints of sugary rubbish which should be poured away at once? I really should read instructions properly.

Any advice would be well recieved.
Hopefully and most likely, your yeast just fermented the sugar'll get a higher abv and thinner body. Wait it out and see what you get, it will prb be beer :).
It should be ok- like brewt00l said, the sugar will be fermented, so it won't taste sweet. It might not be the best beer in the world, but it should be very drinkable!
it'll be fine...definitely a higher ABV than originally intended.

next time, however, i would skip the sugar altogether and instead use some extra malt extract. This will give it more alcohol AND a more flavour