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Jan 7, 2008
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I have been transffering into the corny's putting some co2 in and purging, Then I bring the temp down to 40* And put 12 psi on it, Let it sit for a week. I noticed when the beer is in this conditioning stage it seems to hit a good carbonation point, I'am tasting it each day. Yesterday the carbonation seemed perfect, And today way too much. Not how it's pouring, That part is fine. Co2 is A steady 12 psi, And temp's 40*, Any advice?
adjust the pressure down or the temp up. change one at a time and only change it by a small amount and wait a day or two for conditions to stabilize before testing. You'll find a balance you like.
I agree. Turn your pressure down. I like most of beers carbonated on the low end. My keezer stays around 38F, but my regulator stays at about 9 PSI.


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