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Dec 25, 2006
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I forced carbed my brown ale. It has been sitting for 3 weeks now. When I went to tap it, nothing but foam comes out no matter what psi I dispense at. Is there any way to fix this? The keg has not been disturbed, so the foam is not from moving the keg. Thanks Kel
I am assuming you are using a picnic tap.

When you pour your brew, make sure you open the tap all the way. Try turning your pressure down so the beer comes out slowly with the tap all the way open
If you disconnect the Co2 and vent the pressure from the keg several times a day, the carbonation level will eventually drop considerably. Meanwhile, if you are using a picnic tap, make sure the line is several feet long and hold the tap & glass high in the air as you pour.

As Sean said, make sure you're opening your tap completely. To use a light bulb analogy, think of it as an on/off switch, not a dimmer!
How long is your hose? If the hose is real short (like under 6ft), then the pressure drop between the keg and the atmosphere happens too rapidly which makes the CO2 come out of solution and foam up your brew. Longer hose = more time for the pressure to drop and a slower pour.
what psi did you force carb at? and was that for the full 3 weeks, or only part of that time?

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