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Florida tons of home beer brewing stuff for sale -- hubby gave up the hobby. Local pickup in St. Augustine, FL

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Jun 22, 2022
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St. Augustine, Florida
Hubby gave up the hobby, we now need the space and the money! Equipment was only used a few times. We have to sell them in these 4 lots (can't break up the lots) or someone can take EVERYTHING for a negotiated deal! Local pickup only in St. Augustine, Florida … no shipping. If you're not too far away, it'll be worth the drive. You can explore our beautiful and unique city and beaches, make a day out of it.

Click on each link to see photos of items. Prices shown here are negotiable. Make us an offer we can't refuse! :ghostly:

Lot #1: chiller + electric brew kettle + 3 brew-in bags

~ Chiller

~ Husky electric brew kettle

~ 3 brew-in bags (1 is new)

Lot #2: keg system – 2 kegs + CO2 tank + parts for carbonation system

Lot #3: 55 Glass Bale Wire Bottles (Swing Top Cap) + 3 large growlers


~ 55 Glass Bale Wire Bottles (Swing Top Cap) …. most are 16 oz, a few 32 oz.
~ 3 large growlers – two 1 gallon, one half gallon

Lot #4: mixed lot -- Malt Mill + Ale Pails + carboy + capper + bottlecaps + utensils + more


You get everything shown in the photo. For example:

~ The Barley Crusher Malt Mill (grain millhopper) … retails new for $169.99

A high quality, precision-machined mill that’s easy to set up and use. A consistent, precise crush is vital for making the best beer possible. Attach it to a 3/8 inch drill motor. (No adapter needed.) Using the drill motor at 500 RPM gives a throughput of approximately 6 pounds per minute.

~ 2 Ale Pails -- 5 gallons each. The valve on one of them isn’t working.

~ glass carboy – 5 gallons

~ capper

~ 2 books

~ bottlecaps

~ assorted utensils

~ etc etc

Message us with sincere and serious questions only please. :)
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