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Jul 5, 2010
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Riverside, ca
Recipe Type
All Grain
Yeast Starter
Batch Size (Gallons)
Original Gravity
Final Gravity
Boiling Time (Minutes)
Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp)
[email protected] DG
Secondary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp)
Tasting Notes
very smoothe, very light bitterness, fantastic when dry hopped
This is my new Haus Pale Ale. this is a variation of EdWorts HPA, so I give him credit, but I tweaked it a bit and came up with this . Very smooth, light bitterness lots of flavor fantastic aroma when dry hopped, great head retention. biggest problem i have with this is it's hard to stop drinking it. i have a glass right now about 45 minutes old with 1/4 inch of head still on top. i took a keg to a recent party which had 21 days total time from kettle to tap, and it was a roaring success and went fast.

Grain Bill
14 lbs. 2-Row Pale Malt
6 lbs. Vienna Malt
1.0 lb. Crystal 20L Malt
1.0 lb Aromatic malt
1.0 lb White Wheat Malt (for head retention )

Single Infusion mash for 60 minutes at 150 degrees.
I mash in a 13 gallon rectangular ice chest with a copper manifold, then fly sparge with a copper manifold on top with tiny holes drilled in, this allows the sparge water to trickle in gravity fed.

Dough-in with 8 gallons of water. After 60 minutes, recirculate until you wort runs clear, then start your sparge with 8 gallons of 175 dg water and begin vorlauf. I use a Chugger March pump, and set my valves to match flow rate to the kettle so I keep about 1 inch of sparge water over the top of the grain bed You should then get 13 gallons to your kettle for the boil.

Boil & Hops
2.0 oz Cascade 5.5% at 60 min.
1.0 oz. Cascade 5.5% at 30 min.
1.0 oz. Cascade 5.5% at 10 min.

Chill to 70 to 75 degrees

With Nottingham, this ferments vigoriously for 3-4 days. after 10-14 days, crash cool to 38 dg. You can now add your dry hops. i do this by boiling a cheap nylon stocking, weighting it with marbles, and adding 2 oz hops of your choice. I have used cascade, centennial, and i just added columbus today, to the batch I have crash cooling. after 5-7 days, keg and carb. enjoy. :mug:

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