Today kicks ass...

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Oct 29, 2007
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Ok, so work wise, this week has kind of sucked... long and stressful...
but it just ended on an AWESOME note, today has kicked ass...

I work in the corporate offices of a grocery chain, doing IT work. I had to go out
to one of our stores today to take care of some stuff. I was talking to the store
manager about things that he needed to get OUT of his server room, and joked that
he could send the 7 gallon Gatorade cooler to the office and I would take care of it for him.
Turns out he had been trying to find a home for it, and gave it to me.
(the short fat one in the front of the pic)

Then, on my way back to the office, my crackberry starts buzzing at me, and the beer
steward at the store that our office is above is emailing me to tell me that she just got
in La Folie. So once back in
the office, I ran down, and grabbed that and a Hop Stoopid. I also saw the Avery Collaboration,
but decided to wait on that one for the moment...

Nice end to a crappy week