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Jun 13, 2005
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Lincoln U.K.
Thanks for your info and kind words in reply to "Cost of a good pint..."
I posted first in the beginners forum titled "Second brew just started "
It looks like prices over there are similar to the UK when you convert dollars to pounds.
I like to keep my brews simple so I just use extract, bought as a "kit" with the dried yeast. This is actually called wort. I do like to experiment a little with the sugar, most kits recommend 1kg and this produces a normal beer about 3.4 abv. I like to try and make the strongest, most evil brew possible so I have just used 1kg each of white and brown sugar, plus a jar of honey !
Most kits here are around £6.99 to £8.99 but I just found this new one in the same shop at £4.99. For a 40 pint brew including sugar it works out about 15 to 25p per pint.
Speaking of brew pubs I remember a very small market town here in Lincolnshire called Alford, I used to go to a pub called The George Inn. Out back was an outbuilding and carved in the beam over the door was : "A. Copperthwaite. Licensed Brewer. 1792 " I was only about 20 at that time and that was when I first became aware of brew pubs. So far as I know we have none here in Lincoln but there is a good one in Derby and one in Peterborough , that one has quite large vats and is actually a micro brewery called Oakham Ales.
Great to meet you and all on the Forum.

DeRoux's Broux

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Nov 19, 2004
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cool stuff. i'd love to be able to soak up all that beer culture and history sometime before my "tap runs dry"! welcome, and look forward to swapping beer ideas with you.