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Feb 22, 2023
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I have brewed my first batch from an extract kit. I swapped out the yeast for Kveik Voss, which is very fast acting and high temp range. 25c to 40c I live in Thailand. I fermented at about 33c, which the spec sheet says only take 2 days to complete at that temp. My FG is at 1.012 using a refractometer and the calculation tools online. It has been 5 days. The question is leave it for a couple more days checking the FG then bottle, or wait for 2 or 3 weeks and then bottle. The temp now is 30c since the fermentation has stopped. It will stay in the bottle at least 3 weeks while I am out of town. Or just leave it in the LBK while I ammoutnof town?
I bottle kveik Voss after about 5-7 days.
Best would obviously be to take another SG reading (after 2 days) and if it is the same, then bottle.
If you can, bottle at least 1 pet bottle (coke/sprite) so you can follow carbonation by squeezing the bottle
Never used Kveik, but with other yeast fermentation is over and FG reached in less than 4 days. I still wait till everything has gone to the bottom of the FV and the beer is clear. That might be 10 days or 6 weeks from pitch.

I never have been disappointed by the beers that were long in the FV. I have been disappointed with some that came out in shorter times.