Tips for Full Fridge Kegerator

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Sep 16, 2020
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Have had a 4 tap, 8 corny keg keezer up and going for some time. The freezer was old when I got it an appears to have bit the dust. I had not been happy with the moisture issues of the keezer in summer due to the high humidity in my area so decided to go to a kegerator when my keezer died. Have a full size fridge on the way and am planning to put 4 taps in front door and have a shelf to get kegs in both top and bottom. I am pretty good at maintaining a pipeline so I have a lot of value to be able to lager and age brews in the fridge a few weeks to a few months.

Was looking for some tips specific to full size kegerators that people have come across. I will likely keep the setup with cobra taps for a few weeks while I plan this out. Have reviewed this sub quickly but didn't find a whole lot of specifics around kegerators - thinking about running lines, getting kegs in and out easier with a two tier setup etc. I do plan on keeping CO2 and regulator inside just to avoid drilling holes through the body of the fridge.


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Apr 18, 2011
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Not sure how much room you’ll have inside but I prefer to keep the tanks outside. Easier to maintain and keep an eye on the tank pressure.