Tinplate Mini-kegging for St.Patricks Day

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David Kilduff

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Mar 13, 2024
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Hello from Ireland Everyone! 🇮🇪

I posted this on the newbie thread first but I found this after and its more appropriate here. Apologies for the repost, I've had to dispose of some 'wastage' though my liver!

I've been homebrewing quite seriously for the past year with a good friend of mine and we've got together quite a collection of kit.

Currently I'm in the process of transferring about 30 litres of our pilsner into 5L tinplate mini-kegs to give to friends for the big weekend ahead of us.

After a lot of tinkering I've managed to get our mini-keg filling set up to an almost automated point and I thought I'd share. I'm not sure if the images will upload so if they don't then please let me know!

I have it rigged up so that my CO2 canister supplies 15psi to the gun, and through a spunding valve it supplies <2psi to the keg so that the serving pressure is as low as possible. Nothing beats the magic of duotight/John guest lego!

The gun is mounted on a repurposed homemade tap setup I made so that I don't have to compress the gun to fill, I just have to turn the valve and let it fly.

Im I got these replacement bungs that you can see on the second last picture that stand a big proud of the rim compared to the usual bungs that I get. If you've seen these type of bungs and have used the same kind of kegs as this (last pic) then I'm going to warn you now, they don't seem to be compatible. There goes 20 bucks to Jeff Bezos I'll never get back.

If anyone has done something similar then let me know how I can refine the process!

Thanks all, I'm sure I'll be posting a lot more soon. Happy St.Patricks Day


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