Timing Two different Brews

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May 15, 2008
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Manhattan Kansas
This weekend, I'm planning to brew two different beers, a lighter Lager and an IPA. Should cover a lot of summer drinking!

Both will be 11-12 gallon batches. Here is the equipment I have available:

2 boil kettles from kegs
1 Mash Tun from a keg
1 Mash Tun from a 10 gallon cooler
1 HLT from a keg
2 Large burners
1 5 gallon pot
1 Turkey fryer setup--a smaller burner and a 7.5 gallon pot (this could be a second HLT, though less precise).

Several propane tanks
6 fermenters

The Lager has a smaller grain bill (16.25 lbs) so I imagine there should be no real problem fitting all that in the 10 gallon cooler. Also, I want it fairly dry, so it'll be mashed at a lower temp.

The IPA has a larger bill, around 26 lbs or so, and will be mashed in the larger tun, and a little warmer.

Anyway, I'm interested in suggestions on how to coordinate everything. Ideally, boil two would be done about the time boil one has finished going into the fermenters as I only have one chiller.