Time to make the mead.

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Dan O

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Sep 1, 2020
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So, last night, I started 3 separate batches, 5 gallons in total.

3 gallons of Acacia Rose BOMM,
1 gallon of cranberry-concord grape BOMM,
1 gallon of apple-peach-mango BOMM.

Acacia Rose BOMM is by the recipe....a true BOMM, with a little less honey than the recipe called for. (3 gallons would've called for 10.5 pounds of Acacia honey, I only put in 10 pounds.) SG 1.114
The cran-grape is made with Ocean Spray juice & 2 pounds 1 ounce of wildflower honey. SG1.122
The apple-peach-mango was made with Langers juice & 2 pounds 2 ounces of wildflower honey. SG 1.116.

I checked on them this morning & the Langers looks like someone hurled their lunch in it.🤢🤮😆 It just goes to show, when you start off with a cloudy beverage before you add anything to it, you never know what kind of solids are present & how they will separate.
The Acacia Rose & cran-grape look normal.

The cran-grape & the apple-peach-mango, are made with BOMM protocols & nutrient feedings, & both got local to me wildflower honey. (Can't get much better than a mile down the street, unless of course, you have your own hives.)😋

Although, not true BOMM recipes, I have done MANY meads with the BOMM method, including the 1388 yeast & have had very good results following that procedure.
Man, I love this hobby!!😁😁
Happy meading:cool:


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