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Apr 9, 2005
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My Batch of Raspeberry Cream stout has been in the carboy in secondary fermentation for three (3) weeks. I was going to bottle tonight. Up untill two (2) days ago all was quite in the carboy, but two days ago very small bubbles started to rise to the top of the carboy. In the few other batches I have done, there was no bubbling what-so-ever when I went to bottle. Should I go ahead and bottle tonight or wait untill all the small bubble action stops completely? :confused:
I have a simmilar issue... I have a high-gravity ale that has been in the secondary 3.5 wks now - after 1-2 wks in the primary. It hasn't fermented vigorously since the primary, but continues to ever-so-slowly release a small peppering of very tiny bubbles. It had high initial gravity, and I used a bit of yeast nutrient, so that is probably supporting this very long ferment.

I know the best option is probably just to be patient (relax, don't worry, etc... *L*) and let it keep going, but I am tempted just to keg it already. I need the carboy for a batch of stout sitting in my plastic primary.

Guess we'll see.


BTW... did you move your carboy in anticipation of bottling? I've heard of ferentation re-starting due to some agitation.
After 3 weeks, the beer is done and you can bottle. The bubbles that you are seeing is probably C02 coming out of solution. Take a gravity reading and compare it to your OG. If it's an average gravity (under 1.055) beer, it's done if it's between 1.010 and 1.014.
Yup, take a gravity reading, then another 2-3 days apart. If they are the same then you are ready to bottle.:rockin:

What you are seeing is probably just CO2 coming out of the liquid due to a room temp increase, or from moving the carboy around. Not fermentation re-starting.

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