Tilt Wireless hydrometer and thermometer

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Kel Milner

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Nov 10, 2018
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Is anyone using one or more of these? My wife is always on the lookout for Christmas gifts and thought this might be a good addition to my wine making equipment. However everything I’ve read refers to it’s use in beer worts not wine musts. The convenience and detail look pretty impressive but I don’t want her shelling out 140 quid if they’re no good with wine. Apologies if this has been covered before but my search was drawing a blank.
Use one for beer. It's a pretty cool device, and i too agree I don't think i'll brew without it if i don't have too. I'm still a little unsettled with it as the sole point of reference as it does wonky things when ferment is crazy, when krausen gets stuck to it, and when i cold crash.

I love having the data points to see how fast things are happening and when i think it's stabilized. I still use my hydrometer for final gravity reading.

Can't comment on it's use for wine, but can't really see how it would be different. Might actually be better without the sticky krausen issue i see sometimes.

I rate it as a valuable tool, but don't put it into the "essentials" category. I do really enjoy mine though.
Ive used one for about 6 months now. I love it! I wont brew beer without it.
Any idea if they work ok in wine? I’m specifically thinking about the accuracy in a must with grape skins and the ability to transmit through a fairly thick glass carboy.
Can't comment on wine, but i can comment on transmission. I used to use in a glass carboy and a thick plastic conical. No transmisstion issues in those, even when they were in my fermentation chest freezer.

I've switched to SS conical, and wasn't getting a reading from my brew pi in it's previous spot. I've literally had to move the brewpi to right next to the chest freezer door seal to get regular readings.

Works fine again now, and i don't see you have any issues thru a glass carboy even if a ferm. fridge/freezer.
I just got mine and calibrated it. Speaking as a scientist (chemical engineer), I see no reason why it would work any differently in wine than in beer, as the principles are the same as any hydrometer -- it floats in a certain manner dependent upon specific gravity. Should work identically in any liquid as density is an intrinsic property of any fluid.
I just checked these out, almost temps me to get a smartphone. Would they work on a computer or tablet?

As long as it has Bluetooth capability of a recent vintage. I had one old cell phone that didn't work but another one works fine. It does not connect to WiFi but only Bluetooth.
Looks like they need a bit of space to bob about (especially as they float tilted). That means a larger area exposed to the air (even assuming you can get it into a demijohn), so maybe not suitable from that perspective?
I like mine. I agree that it falls in the valuable, but not essential category. Its main purpose for me is to assess when enough extract has been converted, so that I can transfer the beer to a keg for spunding. I find that its accurate enough for that.