Tilt Hydrometer/Tilt Pi

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Nov 22, 2017
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Has anyone here set up a Tilt Pi for their Tilt Hydrometer? As part of my setting up a Fermentrack setup with a ESP8266 device to control my fermentation, I also got a Tilt and want to set up a Tilt Pi to record the data. I don't want to have the Fermentrack server with the fermenter, and even if it ends up a RPi (my goal is a Ubuntu VM), it will be well outside the range of BLE. So that's where the Tilt Pi comes in. Running on a Pi Zero W. I've downloaded their image, and after it didn't work right, re-downloaded it to be sure I didn't have a bad download, but I had the same results.

No web services running on it other than its 'Node Red' service. Doesn't appear to pick up the Tilt. Not sure if requires setting up the 'e-mail address' (Which can ONLY be a GMail address :( ), but if it does require that to function, that's a pretty big fail. What about those that don't have a GMail address and in no way want one? I have no need, want or desire to log the data to 'the cloud' - I want to log local. That's it. If the e-mail address is required, how about an 'advanced' option that will allow the user to specify server settings for their e-mail address?

Anyway, does anyone have any ideas how to get it working? I did e-mail them, but my last e-mail to them must have gone to the bit bucket or something, so I'm not holding my breath - Chances are I'll get a better response here.

Thanks for any advice.