Thymegarden rhizomes

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Mar 4, 2009
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Well, after deciding to build a brewery for my dad, i started looking around into growing hops as a fun little garden project, i have so many palm trees, and figured it was about time i planted something other then palm trees. So i browsed on over to thyme garden, and picked up some rhizomes. They had a deal going if you spent over 25 bucks, you could get a free packet of seeds, and i figured why not, even tho just buying two rhizomes and a pack of seeds would be cheaper, but meh, its only $25, so i bought 5 rhizomes all diffrent. and got a pack of catnip seeds, figured it would make my cats happy.

I ordered a

mt. hood

Anyhoo, i received these about 3 days ago. started germinating the catnip seeds right away, which have already started to sprout out about 1 inch.

As for the hops, i planted them in 3 gallon containers before putting them in the ground, was more curious how fast/if they would grow down here in central florida, so i planted 2, the Willamette and the Cascade early late thursday afternoon. And man oh man, these babies are taking off. I didnt expect them too so soon. But the Willamette already has 3 sprouts, which 2 of the sprouts are about 1 inch already, and the cascade has 1 sprout, at about an inch.

I was wondering if this is a natural growing rate for these, anyway. i'll post up some pics i took earlier. when i can get my data cable back for my camera.


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Dec 6, 2008
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Oly, WA
I just got my first hops today. It is my understanding that hops will grow like crazy. I have heard that they can go a foot a day in the right conditions. Be ready, they will grow like a mutant alien.