Three Weeks?!

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Sep 27, 2007
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Hello, friends!

Are there any beers that I can have done in three weeks? A friend o' mine thought it would be fun to have a homemade dinner and homebrewed beer for the Superbowl, but I wasn't sure if ANYTHING could be ready by then. I have all the equipment ready to go, I would just need a VERY quick recipe to brew up!

Thank y'all so much! The closest I've seen has been four weeks, so I could brew that and it would be very young. I was just wondering if I could brew anything that would be FULLY ready by the time the Superbowl rolls around! Terrible planning on my part! I should have done better!

Thank you all for your suggestions!
A hefe might work out for ya since they're supposed to be ingested young (wow that sounded creepy), or even a mild brown ale. It'd be better if you could keg so you don't have to wait for bottle carbonation too.
+1 on the Mild. Relatively low hopping rates, still enough malt to give it interest. Conditioning might be lower than American tastes (< 2 vols), but it's something you can have out there quickly.

Here's how I do it:

Brew. Fermentation usually takes about four days, and I leave it in the primary for seven. Rack to bottling bucket, prime, fine (Isinglass or gelatin), bottle. Two weeks later, pop caps. ;) You can do this draught, too, to very nice effect; don't forget to adjust your priming sugar!

Also consider Ordinary Bitters. Same situation, more hops.

Wheat beers are also a fabu idea. Belgian Witbier for the Super Bowl? Wonderful!

If you can artificially carbonate, the sky's the limit! (Well, you won't be doing a Barleywine, but you get the point.)