Thoughts & Concerns from Dunkelweizen brewday

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Dec 7, 2009
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New York
Yesterday i brewed a Dunkelweizen

Called for:

6lb Bavarian Wheat DME

Steeping Grain
1/2lb Caramunich
1/4lb Pale Chocolate
1/4lb Carafa Special II

1oz Vanguard (60min boil)

The estimated OG is 1.050-1.052.
I took a reading, adjusting for the temp difference (+10F) and got 1.061

It seems i dont know where the 5gal mark is on my bucket :drunk:

This got me pretty confused because i couldnt figure out why i ended up with an OG that exceeded the estimate at 100% efficiency (45/9 * 6lbs of DME = 54 = 1.054 OG).

Either way, i hope to end up with just about 46 12oz bottles, as i ended up with 42 when i bottled my last brew. The extra ABV will compensate for the 6-12 pack that got lost in translation.

I have 3 buckets that i acquired from Sam's Club's Bakery. 1 i modified into a bottling bucket, and the other 2 became 5 gal "ale pails". The only dilemma i have had with this is that in order to achieve the required head space and prevent a blow off, i have to split my 5 gal batch into the two seperate fermenters.

Of course, the first time i brewed a 5 gal batch, i scoured the site, worrying that i may botch my first batch. I was told to stay away from splitting up a batch without having 2 packets of yeast to pitch. I only had 1 packet and I didn't like the advice i was hearing, but i went for it anyway...

I pitched the yeast, and aerated the wort by pouring the 5 gallons back and forth between the buckets. I only did this about 4 times before popping on the lids and the airlock and then carrying the two buckets cautiously down the steps and into the dark, temp controlled "shop". Unfortunately i left for vacation the next morning and by the time i got back i had missed all the action. I assumed everything went well after seeing that krausen had built up in each of the two buckets. Success i thought. I bottled this batch last week at this time after confirming with the hyrdometer.


Yesterday i brewed my Dunkelweizen... fearing that i may not be as lucky splitting a 5 gal batch into 2 buckets. Using only one packet of Safbrew Dry yeast, i hyrdated it for 10 minutes in ~98*F Water and then added it to the topped off 5 gal bucket. I then proceeded to aerate the hell out of it. Just to be safe, i transfered it back and forth for quite a bit. I made sure all of the added water, the yeast and the original wort got integrated.

After checking early this morning, all my worries subsided. These things were bubbling away furiously. Ive never seen my yeast this active! Apparently this is a safe way of splitting a batch into two fermenting vessels. I would recommend it!


Any advice for fermenting a Dunkelweizen? I noticed a lower temp range of 62-66F... would 70*F produce off flavors using Safbrew T-58 yeast? Any recommendations on fermenting time? Pull it when FG falls safely below 1.010 or let it sit for some time? Aging time in the bottle?

Thanks in advance. Seems that Palmer + HBT + a few brews under my belt have made each time more and more successful, streamlined and less worrisome. I appreciate everyone's dedication to this forum! :rockin:


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Mar 8, 2009
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i think the reason you got such a high OG reading is because the extract sank to the bottom and you drew your sample from the bottom. extracts don't mix well some times and sink to the bottom. if you drew your sample from the top it would of been low.

yes 70F will produce off flavors. its up to you to decide if these are bad of flavors or good off flavors. ferment the batch till the SG stops falling for more than 3 days in a row. i recommend letting it sit for 3 weeks in the primary before bottling. then leave it another 3 weeks in the bottle to carbonate. then stick them in the fridge for a week to let the yeast settle out and pack on the bottom of the bottle.