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Mar 2, 2009
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Santa Fe
For my birthday, I decided to brew up a dry stout and add some cherries in it later. So, I did one of the LHBS dry stout recipes (steeping grains with extract) and threw it into primary for 10 days to ferment around 64F. For secondary I took 5 lbs of Trader Joe's Frozen Sweet dark cherries and cooked them at 180F for about 10 minutes and racked the stout onto the cherries.

They have been in secondary for about 10 days but I got an itch to take an SG measurement and tried some. OMFSM! This stuff is really good, even without carbonation! The cherries added a real fruit nose to it but the result didn't give off an overwhelming cherry flavor at all! The balance was really nice and the green of the stout did not come through all that much (but I could still taste a bit of green). I can't imagine how good this will be after carbonation and letting it sit in the closet for a couple of months...

I think this one will be kept out of the hands of our Junior Beer Rats, LOL... :tank: