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Feb 23, 2010
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Lancaster, Pa
However, I do have a question and need some advise. I brewed and IPA starting at 1.065. I used 862 (Cry Havoc) yeast that was washed. Being the patient person that I am :D I checked it yesterday after a month in primary and it is only at 1.029. I was thinking by now it would be at 1.019 with only 70% attenuation. The temps have been consistently around 62ish. I still see tiny bubbles being released from the yeast (glass carboys). I am inclined to think that the yeast are still working but at a slower pace.
My questions are;
1. should I leave it along and let it sit on the yeast for say another week or two;
2. rack to secondary and maybe add us-05 for the finish now;
3.rack to secondary and let it age out adding no additional yeast
4. bump the temp up a tad

I lightly stirred up the yeasties yesterday, but again, you can see evidence they are releasing tiny bubbles. Thanks for any input; I just don't recall this ever happening to me after 1 month


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Nov 26, 2010
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I'd try raising the temperature a bit and let it have some time there. The reading I'd seen suggests starting the ferment at a cool temperature to avoid the esters given off when the heat of fermentation drives the temperature of your wort even higher than the ambient temperature. Once that vigorous ferment is over, you can slowly raise the temperature to let the yeast get better attenuation.