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Sep 28, 2008
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I've been doing some thinking about replacing my 18 yr old brew system comprised of 3 keggles, 2 burners and a metal stand. I am planning to move to an electric setup, most likely running on CraftBeerPi. My new setup will be built most likely with new kettles etc so I can either pass on/sell the keggles but keep them running until everything is complete. That said, I stumbled on a 2 vessel brewery video and was slightly intrigued. (Wort Hog).

What are the disadvantages of using a 2 vessel brewery?
What challenges are there with larger batches?

I like the reduced space footprint, but feel there is something I'm overlooking as to why I shouldn't continue with the 3 vessel HERMs setup I was planning on. It will all be 100% DIY.


The video I saw here:
I think it's similar to this system which is the 10 Gal: Wort Hog 10 gallon 2-Vessel
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The biggest disadvantage that is thrown around the brewing community about two vessel systems is the hit to efficiency. While that is easily made up with a few more pounds of grain here and there.

The Brutus 20 setup does save space and personally I think a great way to go.

here's an old time write up from a guy building his own Brutus 20 about 11 years ago.

Countertop Brutus 20
Thx, back to my original 3 vessel setup and eHERMs conversion ideas then.
I'm biased because it's what I decided on, but at the homebrew scale I think that a 2V RIMS is a great solution. Limits are more on the boil kettle size than anything. My brewhouse efficiency usually comes in around 77%, and to be honest I have focused on consistency and not maximizing efficiency. Batch volume is only limited by my 15g kettle, for maximizing gravity (over 1.100 for 5 gallons) I just batch sparge with "cold" water.
TBH, the only quote-unquote disadvantage I can think of is having to scale recipes you've done previously. All the other stuff, to me, is adjusting your process to your equipment.
Well that didn't take long...

Nope, it was a whim of a post and only posted because of the single video. If no one had any negatives, I would have stayed the course and probably built it. The 3 Vessel system is what I was taught so many years ago, 3 vessel is what I know. Heck, I still use buckets. I'm quite happy with my rig, I am just changing it up to dabble with an electric system. But thanks for playing.

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