Thermometer suggestions for Minibrew 15

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Nov 5, 2009
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Grand Haven
I bought a minibrew conical fermenter and looking to add the thermometer. Any suggestions on brand and length of probe in inches? I have had some cheaper ones in the past on other items and was always disappointed...

Also, some of the seemingly quality ones I find on sites have a scale that is also for HLT or MT--the scale is larger range, so the graduations are harder to read...
Yes, planning on those (BrewMometer) for the MLT and BK.

The scale range on the ones I see is 60-220*F. I plan on lagering, so I was hoping to find something designed for fermentaion--perhaps 30*-?? with 1* increments.
The ones I have seen that go to freezing also go up to like 220* and the increments (2-5*) get hard to read, and i question the accuracy.

Am I being too precise? Just hoped there was a quality thermometer designed specifically for fermentation.

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