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May 2, 2008
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Seattle, WA
So I got my therminator and took it for a trial run on a batch last week. It's almost freakishly effective. What previously took twenty minutes now takes less than two. I actually chilled my wort to below 55 degrees and had to put a heater in the with the fermenter for a bit to get things going.

I was planning on mounting it semi-permanently to my new brew rig, but it came with some scary warnings on how it likes to sit *just* so and needs to be turned on its end for draining after cleaning. On the other hand, I've seen photos of people's rigs in which they've definitely mounted the therminator in some nonstandard orientations and attached pipes/hoses that don't appear to be removed after every use.

Is there anyone on the forums who's just tossed caution to the wind and bolted the thing down? Any problems?


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Feb 21, 2008
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Healdsburg, CA
I had the bracket welded to my frame and I just unbolt it and remove it for cleaning. I'm pretty sure my bracket is in the "standard" position and I finish cleaning by dropping it in star san for a few minutes and then draining it as much as possible before sitting it on a shelf. Its probably easier to bolt and unbolt it with the attached hardware than permanently attach it. In any event, if you don't clean it regularly the nooks-and-crannys that make it so effective for cooling can also be a microbial disneyland, so whatever mounting you decide on, effective cleaning should be paramount - which in my mind requires easy removal and rules out permanent mounting.