The Standard in Homebrewing - The Bayou Classic Stainless Kettle

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It's been several months and batches on the brew kettle and here's what I can tell you about it. First it was a great price: Bought it from for $106 and free shipping (ya can't beat that) if you'd like the 82 qt. add only $27 more and you can brew 15 gallon batches on the cheap. I do 10 gallon batches and it JUST enough, some batches start at 13 gallons and it's very close to the top, I might order the 82 quart to have a little more room and also do some 15 gallon batches. Either way fit and finish is respectable and I don't think you'd be disappointed. If you have more money than time they also now sell them with fittings attached.

I use mine on a King Cooker burner which is pretty big so in any case make sure you outfit your kettle with heat shields for protection. I burned my sight gauge up on it's first outing, but AIH gave me a tube replacement and is looking into having shields made. I also HIGHLY recommend plumbing the sight gauge back into the top of the kettle because it will spew out the top with a big burner. All in all well worth the money spent and the best bargain going IMO and would not hesitate to buy another.

Right now it's $95.18 on amazon with free shipping. I'm debating getting one.
Seems like a lot of yellow on that flame; you probably want to tweak the air intact to get it blue (hotter and more efficient).
You can actually buy a Bayou Classic 15.5 gallon brew pot, complete with stainless ball valve and thermometer. I bought mine on Amazon over a year ago for around $200, shipping and all. I've brewed at least a dozen times with it. Can't beat it for the price and ease of use (no drilling).
Here it is now for $250. Still a great deal if you ask me.