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Michigan The Purge - SABCO Brew Magic V350MS, heated/cooled Fermenters and More

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Sep 5, 2013
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Culling the herd...I quit drinking and my need for all this beer making equipment has diminished greatly. My loss is your gain!

I'm selling the following as a package deal. I have good pics of the SABCO and 14 gal fermenter, but haven't taken very high quality pictures of the rest of the equipment, but will work on that this week. (actually, in the first pic you can see the keezer and the 7gal fermenter.) All of the equipment is in good/excellent condition.

Nothing is missing or broken.

Pictures of products here: https://goo.gl/photos/Q9DH2xLnimRZAQKR7

$4500 (package deal, not splitting at this time)
  1. SABCO brew magic v350ms (100% working condition, all hoses and clamps)
  2. 14 gallon MoreBeer heated and cooled fermenter (100% working condition, all hoses and clamps)
  3. 7 gallon MoreBeer heated and cooled fermenter (100% working condition, all hoses and clamps)
  4. Immersion chiller
  5. Blichmann beer gun
  6. 2 stir plates (one small, one BIG)
  7. Erlenmeyer Flasks; 1 5000ml, 3 2000 ml, 1 1000ml
  8. 7cu Keezer (fully functioning and ready to go)
  9. 5 kegs (4 bought brand new)
  10. 3 Co2 tanks
  11. 50 and 25 lb. grain storage containers
  12. Leftover brewing supplies; StarSan, Iodophor, grain, hops, hoses, siphon, water filter

I don't brew nearly as much as I should owning these products. I believe the original own purchased them in 2010. I don't plan on shipping anything, and will sell the products individually or as a package. I will not part out the products however. This is a great package deal and you'll be hard pressed to find a better one.

I will knock money off the package for Blichmann Boilermaker trades, and/or a 10 gallon igloo cooler mashtun. I'm not stopping brewing, I just don't brew enough to keep these around!