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Aug 6, 2021
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We have our next-gen humidity and/or temperature sensors almost on the drawing board. I know some of you are happily using our sensors for your home brewing, but I also know that others wish they had some additional feature or spec. I am looking for your suggestions. Describe the perfect device. I'll see if we can make it happen.

Data storage and visualizations is something we get asked for frequently. We have a web console in beta testing right now, it would be compatible with but separate from our sensors. This console's ideal application is buildings with 500-5000+ sensors, but we are coming out with a Raedius Home application that maybe can be put to use by a lot of you. This is a cloud-based dashboard slash command & control center, with Node-RED available for advanced automations, and if another brand has an API, those sensors/devices can be brought in and displayed right next to ours. We're working with several professional trades to tailor Raedius to a particular application, from HVAC to physical access control to video surveillance. If any of you - ideally already have a YoLink system - would like to provide some guidance on what a Raedius brewing management system should look like, including doing some beta testing, let me know!

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Eric with YoSmart/YoLink


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Feb 7, 2016
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New York, NY
Admittedly I'm not familiar with your products, and so this may be a misunderstanding on my part from only having flipped through your website over the past few minutes, but the biggest concern I have with your offerings vs. those of one of the other key HBT sponsors is that it seems like there's a certain degree of lock-in within your ecosystem.

Am I correct in thinking that the "proprietary YoLink Protocol" mentioned on the YoLink Hub page means that there isn't an opportunity for building-out third party devices (integrating LoRa radios, obviously) that pick up YoLink sensors without the use of the hub/cloud?