The Honey Ale match-up

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Nov 14, 2008
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I have to admit, up-front, that I'm a big fan of WILLIAM'S HONEY CREAM ALE. This simple extract kit with the unique Wyeast Ringwood yeast is excellent kegged or bottled. Well, I thought I'd give MoorBeer's Jim Rossi's Honey Pale-Extract KIT710 a go to see how it stacked up against my favorite.

Sorry, MoreBeer. Not even close. Rossi's ale was bland and with the lite hop schedule, doesn't have much 'snap'. I kegged half the batch (2.5 Corny) and tried it at 2.5 vol. Then I upped it to over 3 and the carb tickle makes it drinkable. After two months in secondary before I racked it to keg and bottle, I think I'll let the bottles age until next year but the keg might get poured to make way for my 'Special Christmas Dubbel'. I should get a beer gun or counter-pressure thingy and bottle the rest or go over to MoreBeer and buy another recond keg.