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Last week we started covering the top homebrew recipes here on HomeBrewTalk. For part 1, please follow this link.
This is a list of top recipes based on section as opposed to top recipes of all time, which is a resource we will be putting together shortly to help you all decide what's next for brewday.
We will also be launching a new series in the next month where we dive deeper into the most popular and most brewed homebrew recipes here on HomeBrewTalk.
We will talk to the brewer who developed the recipe, those who brewed it, and those who won awards with it. Stay tuned!

English Brown Ale - Nut Brown Ale - Lil' Sparky

Porter - Bee Cave Brewery Robust Porter - EdWort

Stout - Deception Cream Stout - NCBeernut

India Pale Ale - Dogfish Head 60 Minute Clone - Yooper

Wheat and Rye Beer - Bee Cave Brewery Bavarian Hefeweizen - EdWort

Belgian and French Ale - Cottage House Saison - azscoob

Sour Ale - Spurhund Zunge - flyangler18

Belgian Strong Ale - The Pious - saq

Strong Ale - Pirate Strong Ale - j1laskey

Fruit Beer - Requiem Raspberry - eschatz
Spiced Beers, Smoked Beers, Wine, Meads and More, Part 3 Publishes next week!
Lil' sparky's Nut brown was great. Cracked the keg over Christmas past and it didn't last very long. Did a couple of brown ales at the start of my brewing hobby. This was the standout.
Twice I have brewed Edwort's Hefe. First time I'd had a Hefe in years and it really is delicious. Highly recommend it to anyone wanting to try one. Fast too. 2 weeks grain to glass is doable if you keg.
Favorite part of the article: Talk of new section for top recipes and articles that dive into the recipes with people involved.
I'm starting it now. Hopefully I will have it wrapped up in a few weeks.
Hey, Great summary, now I just need to find more time to brew.
Can you share where you got the photo of the "DeWitt Tavern" Pint glass shown with the Bavarian Hef?
Deception Cream Stout is FANTASTIC. My favorite homebrew for sure, and beats a lot of commercial stouts out there in my book.
I made a slightly modified version of Edwort's Hefeweizen. Even with the small changes I made the wife and I are enjoying it a lot. I'm starting to fear there won't be any left for the hot part of the summer (about a week and a half in mid to late August here on the east coast of Newfoundland).
The only recipe posted so far in this series I've made is the Bee Cave Robust Porter but I can unequivocally state that it is outstanding. I liked it so much I tweaked the dark grains and remade it as a brown ale and that brew is also delicious.