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This is it! These are the top recipes here on HomeBrewTalk. Each recipe is a personal journey in brewing that ended up being an influence to a good portion of the brewing world. The top 5 recipes from the top 4 brewers have seen more than 2,000,000 views combined and have been brewed by countless brewers the world over.
Lets try to count them all the same. If you've brewed one of these be sure to post in the comments with which you brewed!
HomeBrewTalk is a community and these recipes could not have been popular if it weren't for you the brewers brewing them, so special to thanks to everyone who enjoys HomeBrewTalk, however they enjoy it.
For recipes 100 - 75 please follow this link.
For recipes 74 - 50 please follow this link.
For recipes 49 - 25 please follow this link.

24.Caramel Amber Ale - KingBrianI

23.Cascades / Orange Pale Ale - blacklab

22.Miller Lite (Really Triple Hopped) - Schlenkerla

21.Bee Cave Brewery Robust Porter - EdWort

20.Da Yooper's House Pale Ale - Yooper

19.Welch's Grape Juice Wine - Yooper

18.Raging Red Irish Red Ale - Mysticmead

17.Nut Brown AG - Lil' Sparky

16.Founder's Breakfast Stout Clone - DubbelDach

15.Bell's Two Hearted Ale Clone (close as they come) - eschatz

14.Deception Cream Stout - NCBeernut

13.Bee Cave Brewery Bavarian Hefeweizen - EdWort

12.Thunderstruck Pumpkin Ale (AG and Extract versions) - Yuri_Rage

11.Cottage House Saison - azscoob

10.Lemon-Lime Hefe Weizen - SD-SLIM

9.Punkin' Ale - Reno_eNVy

8.Three Floyds Zombie Dust Clone - skeezerpleezer

7.Dogfish Head 60 Minute Clone (AG) & Extract - Yooper

6.The Pious - Westvleteren 12 style quad - multiple - saq

5.Joe's Ancient Orange Mead - Yooper

4.Graff (Malty, slightly hopped cider) - Brandon O

3.Cream of Three Crops (Cream Ale) - BierMuncher

2.Bee Cave Brewery Haus Pale Ale - EdWort

1.Centennial Blonde (Simple 4% All Grain, 5 & 10 Gall) - BierMuncher
That's it! Thanks again to everyone who enjoys HomeBrewTalk. Whether you're a contributor, visitor, or just someone starting their beer journey, we all have a unique place in the popularity of these recipes.
Today we raise a glass to everyone who calls HomeBrewTalk their home for all things Homebrewing.

I'm a new brewer who stumbled onto this site a few months ago. Now have two batch's of beer under my belt (number one and number two on this list).
I will be tapping the Centennial Blonde keg tonight. Looking forward to it.
Awesome! Been waiting for this read. Great work, found a few that I put on the list brew soon.
i am very happy to see BM Centennial Blonde in the #1 spot. Well deserved. ive made that beer more than any other beer, and its all due to popular demand.
I've brewed Revvy's Kiss Yer Cousin Kentucky Common, jkarp's Pink Elephant, Brandon O's Graff, and BierMuncher's Cream of 3 Crops.
What fun to see what others think of recipes we've created and/or shared. I did not create the Joe's Ancient Orange Mead recipe, but did make it and share it with full credit to Joe Mattioli.
I really love the sharing aspect of this forum, and all of the recipes that are posted for all of us to use.
I still make the "DFH 60 Minute Clone" often, as my house IPA. I've made it a session beer by lowering the ABV, and I've made it with some subs like biscuit malt or victory malt instead of amber malt- but I still think the original as posted is my favorite version.
My house pale ale is still a standard beer around here also.
I've made many other recipes on the list- from the centennial blonde to the Bell's Two Hearted clone- and never been disappointed by any recipe I've followed. I'm so happy to have this as a quality resource!
I've brewed about 8 on the list, was happy with all of them. Love this idea, would like to see something similar done for each style. Maybe once a month, "top 5 pale ales, then a bit more of an article on the style, typical hops used and what distinguishes each of the top 5 recipes.
No complaints with the list, but some of the beers in the photos aren't great representations (e.g., the centennial blonde example is dark and murky). Don't mean to hate, it just kept coming to mind as I scrolled down the list.
@jwalker1140 I went through hundred of pics for this. There are limitations in what I can use. Some of the best photos are hosted off site meaning I can't just appropriate for my uses.
Excellent job Austin! I've brewed so many of the recipes in this top 100 list over the years. To see a couple of mine make the list was really special!
I've made a bunch on the top 100 list but the one I've made the most is probably BierMuncher's Cream of Three Crops. It's such a great beer to introduce your BMC friends to. In fact i've been brewing this with a BMC buddy for his kegerator, and have been slowly upping the IBU's on him. Started at 10, now up to 17. Before long we'll be in APA territory!
Thanks for this article, and the other three in the series. They are (and will be) a great reference when looking for recipes to try.
I've brewed three of these. #2, #7 and #17. Of the three, I only brew #2 regularly. If fact, it's the only one that I've brewed more than once.
I'm drinking a slightly modified version of Centennial Blonde right now and I have a modified version of the Bavarian Hefeweizen in primary.
I've made the Haus Pale Ale before and I think my next dark beer may be the Robust Porter.
@doug293cz That's why this got started. I'm going to do a follow up on some of the recipes that didn't make the list but are loved all the same next week.
Thank you for this series. These are fabulous beers, I am sure. Still, I wonder what extraordinary recipes are not on the list because they were submitted by those who are less popular. I don't doubt that popularity follows great beers, but what about the person who stumbled upon the greatest recipe ever and tried to share it, with little interest? It wouldn't make the list, and we may never find it. Our only reasonable course of action is to take these popular recipes as jumping off points only -- modifying, tweaking, and adjusting until we believe we cannot improve them any further. Then, we still may not make any top beer lists, but we'll know. We will know.
Love this series! I've made several of these and all of them were awesome. My "to brew" list just keeps getting longer but I've got a lifetime to waste...
Brilliant series! Definitely going to be a go-to for the brew list!
I've made the FBS twice and both have been among the best beer I've ever brewed. Also the Centennial Blonde was amazing. THis is a great site.
I enter maybe one beer in one contest per year and this year mine was a close approximation of #21. It won a silver in a BJCP contest out of 15 entries so thank you Ed and thanks Austin for putting these lists together.
Proud to see that I contributed something to this list - and with one of my favorite recipes too! Thanks for using my pic of #51 - Black Pearl Porter. I'll have to let SWMBO know she was wrong - someone does actually look at my drunken posts!
I've brewed #10, #14, #26, #27, #51, #65, #72, and #86. Lemon-lime hef was my first AG brew and is now a summer staple at my house. Now to brew the other 92... Prost!
I have made the top three many times over the years.
Surprised that Nierra Sevada is not in the top 25.
Even more surprised to see that one of my beers made it into the top 100 (#100 lol)
@Yooper & @Biermunch account for 3 of my most brewed recipes (Yooper's Haus Ale, Centennial Blonde, Cream of 3 Crops)... A variation of the Punkin' ale from @Reno_eNVy gets made every year. From @DubbelDach, I do his Watermelon Wheat... and from @EdWort... gotta go with Apfelwein....
Thanks to all of you folks for sharing your great recipes!
Just kegged @BierMuncher centennial blonde right now, sampled tasted great. Can't wait to tap thanks to all for the great recipes, this community is such a helpful tool for a beginner like me.
I just started drinking my Cream of Three Crop Ale. It is spectacular. This might go fast.
brewed joam and got mixed reviews after a couple months super easy but a little to sweet for me

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